Tucketts are my go-to in studio footwear.   They leave my toes free for movement while preventing me from slipping by way of strategically placed treads on the bottom of the sock soles.  I am never without my Tucketts when I teach Pilates and Barre and use them religiously in my own practice.  Easy to wash and wear, Tucketts are a fantastic addition to your barefoot workouts.  A little about Tucketts that will make you feel even better about the brand:

  • SUSTAINABILITY - Tucketts believes in diversifying manufacturing in the textile industry.  The growth and/or recycling of Tucketts cotton, knitting, and packaging are all executed in Colombia.  The packaging is printed on sugarcane fiber paper making it 100% tree-free!  Sustainability translates to a lower carbon footprint and increased efficiency.  The Tucketts factory treats employees fairly and cares about the environment.  
  • MIND/BODY CONNECTION - Tucketts allows the toes to have full sensory contact with the ground, which strengthens the intrinsic musculature of the food and provides direct contact with the earth.  The awareness of connection and freedom to make and feel constant, minor toe adjustments activates the connection with oneself.  

With many styles to choose from, you're certain to find a pair or two to suit your practice needs.  Check out Tucketts site to order yours today.

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